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Wipe Mac - Best Mac Cleaner of 2018

Computer Wipe Software

This utility to wipe selected files, folders or clean up other data from the hard drive on Mac OSX. It also could permanently erase everything off a Mac in a single go. As contains powerful wiping algorithms in it and ensures permanent erasing of data, beyond the scope of data recovery.

  • Completely wipes Internet browsing data, system traces, recent file histories, Instant messaging data to ensure privacy and improved system speed.
  • Permanently wipes unwanted sensitive data from any hard drive.
  • Wipe selected files, folders or data from the entire hard drive.
  • Allows to schedule the wiping process.


    It is very much essential to remove all the data in your Mac irrecoverably, before you sell or donate your Mac to someone. This Mac cleaner is loaded with a number of useful features that helps you permanently erase all your sensitive, confidential data and information. Mentioned below are the most prominent features of this Mac data cleaner software:

Wipe Hard Drive of Mac Computer

  • One Click to wipe full hard drive. It will wipe all current data off the hard drive while leaving the Mac OS intact. It is necessary to do so before delivering it to its next owner.
  • All hard drives attached to the computer could be wiped easily. Select the drive, in case you want to erase the full drive.
  • The software ensures permanent removal of data from your hard drive by wiping free space, from where sensitive data may have been deleted in the past.

Delete Files & Folders from Mac

  • Deletion, Formatting, Emptying Recycle Bin or some other methods cannot permanently delete data on Mac. Because these methods doesn't completely destroy data. Instead, they erase references to the data's location on hard drive so the computer can't find it, that's why files or folders deleted in these ways could be recovered. Wiping is the best choice if you don't want your data falling in wrong hands. Wiping not only deletes the references but writes over the data itself, effectively eliminating it from the hard drive.
  • Erase all types of files like documents, photos,database, videos, audio, archives, emails, etc.

Erase Data Generated by Apps

  • Erase apps data in various categories, such as, chat, emailing, document editing, peer to peer apps and so on. Auto-detects all the third party apps installed on your computer and clears the sensitive traces they log about you, supporting 300+ apps, such as, Skype, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Picasa, Bing Finance, SkyDrive, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Erase Browsers Activity Traces

  • Browsers record various sensitive traces about your activities, such as, Web addresses you've visited, pictures you've viewed, snapshots of your most frequently visited pages, words you've searched and so forth. Browsers record various sensitive traces about your activities, such as, Web addresses you've visited, pictures you've viewed, snapshots of your most frequently visited pages, words you've searched and so forth. The tool allows you to erase the traces of your internet activities that are stored on the hard disk.

Wipe Operating System Traces

  • Operating System logs tons of sensitive traces about your activities and stores them in folders at various locations on your hard drive. The erase tool is preconfigured to securely remove your Windows tracks, including the Temporary Internet Files, deleted data stored in the Recycle Bin and so on. In this way, it protect your privacy and improving the speed, performance and memory space of the computer.

Multiple Erasure Algorithms

  • It supports 17 International erasure standards, which can be selected by you as per your requirement. Including U.S. Department of Defense algorithm, DoD 5220.22 - M (3 passes), DoD 5200.22 - M (ECE) (7 passes), DoD 5200.28 - STD (7 passes) and Peter Gutmann, (35 passes).

Tech spec

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS X 10.4 and above
Processor Intel, PowerPC(G3 or later)
Memory 1GB RAM
Hard Disk 50 MB of free space


Editorial Reviews

"It is mainly for Mac users who want to clean up and free up Mac storage, and with no effort. The user-friendly interface makes it very-easy-to-use, and it allows you to clean up your Mac with a few steps."

– From Connie Turrentine

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User Reviews

by Lewies | 2018-01-09

I have lots of data stored on my Mac. Now I want a new beginning. This tool helps a lot.

by Kemi | 2017-12-12

Got it at the first time. It gives me back a totally new computer. Nice!

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